Membership in SAIMAH is now open

SAIMAH is announcing foundational membership for the society. Please click “Get Membership!” button to become a member.

Exclusive Benefits

Special Access to Research Reports

Reduced Rates for Events

Ability to apply for Scholarships and Grants

Ability to participate in Special Interest groups

Preferred status to write articles

Access to job sites

Access to member directory and networking

Other Savings and Discounts

Membership Fee

Membership Type Dues per Year Current Special One Year Membership Expires February 28, 2018
Academic Professors,Instructors, teachers, and students (undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate)

Professors/Teachers $250

Students $95



Employees of companies whose revenues comes from sales of AI based (or related) products and services

$500 per person


Healthcare Professionals:

Clinical and non-clinical staff of hospitals and organizations providing direct care to patients