Mental Health:

This interest group focuses on behavioral and mental health applications of artificial intelligence. Run by experts in mental health and artificial intelligence technologies, the group is organized to protect patient interests, provide guidance to practitioners, and develop scientific basis for solutions.

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Deep Learning:

With key advances in machine learning, the ability to develop new and profound solutions using multiple processing layers has now moved to new levels.

The Deep Learning interest group focuses on various applications of deep learning technology.


The data interest group focuses on data governance, data quality, metadata management, master data management, data security, data privacy, and data enrichment. The interest group also studies various big data architectures that specifically complement artificial intelligence technologies.

Knowledge Engineering:

This interest group deals with ontologies and taxonomies necessary for natural language processing. From existing ontologies to the incorporation of new ontologies, SAIMAH is working with experts to develop such ontologies.

Patient Safety:

This interest group focuses on patient safety. It ensures that the impact of artificial intelligence technologies on patient safety is well understood, documented, and shared. SAIMAH works with various agencies and experts to develop, propose, and implement patient safety standards.

Healthcare Adoption:

This interest group focuses on increasing adoption of artificial intelligence technologies in the healthcare field. The group attempts to understand the constraints and obstacles to growth and works with the industry and academic partners to remove them.